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6th Grade Math Help-Basic Operations

Place Value

Standard  to Expanded Form

Expanded to Standard Form

Standard & Word Name

Ordering & Comparing Whole numbers

Round Whole Numbers

Prime numbers

Composite numbers & factors

Prime Factorization

Greatest Common Factor

Multiples of Whole Numbers

Least Common Multiple

Add Whole #ís

Properties of Addition

Subtracting whole #ís & Word Problems

Estimate whole # & round

Multiplying whole numbers

Multiples of 10 & Powers of 10

Estimating Products with rounding


Dividing whole Numbers

Estimate Using Compatible Numbers

Divisibility Rules


Order of  Operations

Simplifying with grouping symbols

Word Problems with too much or not enough information

Word Problems with 2 step directions

Model decimals and place value of decimals

Decimal standard to word name and word name to decimal

Decimal standard to expanded notation

Order Decimals

Compare decimals

Round decimals

Add money expressions & WP

Add decimals &WP

Subtract money expressions & WP

Subtract decimals & WP

Round decimal sums and differences  to nearest whole numbers & WP

Round decimal sums and differences to the greatest place & WP

Estimate decimals using Front End Estimation

Multiply money expressions by Whole numbers & WP

Multiply decimals &Word Problems

Multiplying decimals by Power of 10 & WP

Divide Money &whole numbers & WP

Dividing by Powers of 10 & WP

Dividing Decimals & WP

Estimate Decimal products with Rounding & WP

Estimate Decimal Quotients with Compatible Numbers  &WP

Order of Operations with Decimals

Decimal Words problems with 2 steps


6th Grade Math Help-Basic Operations